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I guess this all started with me going back to see Sex and the City 2 on Memorial Day. The monumental disappointment was apparent in every single movie-goer in the theater but as a 20-something African-American female, I was livid. Not only was their serious lack of diversity which SATC has been accused of before but I […]

While Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are seen stirring up drama each week on “The Hills,” the couple have actually been uncharacteristically out of the spotlight for over a month. So where are the reality stars that everyone loves to hate?  According to Life & Style, Montag has been forced to stay inside her “unkempt […]

It’s good to be a blogger these days! Shallon Lester, a New York Daily News gossip columnist-turned-blogger-turned-vlogger for, has struck MTV gold

In a clip from the “The Hills“‘ sixth season premiere Tuesday, Heidi Montag’s family grills her about undergoing astounding an10 plastic surgery operations in one day. Following the grilling comes the teasing which Heidi doesn’t find very amusing. CLICK HERE TO WATCH