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PRICELESS! Lady GaGa spotted in NYC buying a hot dog! I have no words for this! Photo Cred:

Lady Gaga returned to her Upper East Side roots Thursday afternoon to attend her sister’s graduation from the Convent of the Sacred Heart, dressed in God knows what. Wearing a see-through (yes, see-through) lacy pantsuit, broad black hat and black veil, the pop mega star was spotted outside the prestigious all-girls Catholic school she also […]

Katy Perry is leading the pack of music lovers who aren’t going “gaga” over Lady Gaga’s latest musical short film. The “Waking Up In Vegas” songbird has defiantly tossed her “Little Monster Card” and slammed her quirky pop counterpart for the buzzed-about “Alejandro” video — an effort Katy calls “blasphemous and cheap.” In the video, […]

In a two-hour, live online broadcast on, fashion trailblazer Lady Gaga fielded questions from celebrities and worldwide fans. Topics ranged from Gaga’s fashion inspiration and musical influences to more personal and philosophical queries. Here, a few snippets:

M.I.A. is everywhere right now from the June cover of Complex , The New York Times to Nylon Magazine.  And she is not holding back! From Madonna, Jay-Z selling out to gunshots and Lady Gaga. M.I.A. wants everyone to know that she is REAL MUSIC and a lot of musicians out there are nothing but CRAP! On […]

This could be really HOT or really SCARY! The King of The South has teamed up with pop’s reigning new princess Queen— Lady Gaga — on a spankin’ new track set to debut on his forthcoming album, debuting later this year. We can’t wait! “Phenomenal talent. Extremely proud [to work with her],” T.I. told MTV News […]

Lady Gaga hints in a new interview that her health problems might be due to more than the stress of superstardom. The “Paparazzi” singer says she’s been tested for lupus, the autoimmune tissue disease that killed her aunt in 1976, but tells the Times of London she won’t reveal the results because she doesn’t “want anyone to be worried.” Lupus, or systemic lupus erythematosus, is a […]

We get our first look at the video for Lady Gaga’s ‘Alejandro’ via an image released by LadyGagaOnline.