OMG! Rihanna’s New Red Hair!


No, this isn’t photoshop this is actually Rihanna’s new hair-don’t! My only question is did she shave her head completely and is the red hair just a wig? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

2 Responses to “OMG! Rihanna’s New Red Hair!”

  1. Red hair is definately in style. If you’re not a natural redhead and decide to color it red, here is a tip to keep it looking gorgeous. Use a good color-depositing shampoo and conditioner. This will prevent fading and will help keep your hair color vibrant. Even if you are a natural redhead, using color depositing products can help infuse your hair with a shot of color to deepen the red and tone it to the color of your liking. Some great products to help you achieve your look are the ClayPac Color Shampoo & Conditioner – Red; All-Nutrient Cool or Warm Red Color + Shampoo, Vitality’s Espresso Color Conditioner – Red; and Tressa Fluid Fire, Crimson Splash, or Liquid Copper Watercolor Shampoo. Choose a product that best matches your hair color/tone. It doesn’t have to be exact becuase these are not like using striaght hair color or color washes and will only subtly tone your hair, but they will definately make a difference in your color. For more informaiton on these and other fine hair care products, check out Enjoy!

  2. 毛深くて悩んでおられる方は、すぐ体質改善を行っていきましょう。大豆に多く含まれているイソフラボンは女性ホルモンと同じようなものなので、ムダ毛が薄くなっていく効果があります。納豆や豆腐、豆乳を積極的にとって、ムダ毛が生えにくい体質を目指すようにしてください。

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