Money Can’t Buy Class -Paris Hilton


If there’s one person who’s not afraid to grab a chance to bask in the limelight it’s Paris Hilton.

The heiress is well known for her vanity, so it hardly a surprise that she reveled in the opportunity to get up on stage during a performance R&B star Ne-Yo. The singer was performing at Surrender nightclub in Las Vegas when he ventured into the audience and found  Hilton, 29, before inviting her onstage to show off her moves.

And, while Ne-Yo sang Miss Independent, Paris performed her best “I’m in Heat”  dance which involved pulling her short $2 dollar gold and black dress up and showing her non-existent panties to the audience at the Las Vegas night club. BIG SHOCKER THERE!

Of course, the socialite was thrilled with her moment in the spotlight, taking to her Twitter page to share her delight.

She tweeted: ‘So amazing last night when Ne-Yo took me onstage during his performance of my favourite song Miss Independent. I love when lyrics ring true.’ REALLY?! Yeah ok, hoe….

Ne-Yo took centre stage for a 20-minute performance under the stars for the opening of the new club. AND OH….. WE HAVE VIDEO!!!!


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