Lady GaGa “My Hats Keep The Devil Away”


In a two-hour, live online broadcast on, fashion trailblazer Lady Gaga fielded questions from celebrities and worldwide fans. Topics ranged from Gaga’s fashion inspiration and musical influences to more personal and philosophical queries. Here, a few snippets:

SHOWStudio: What do you like about wearing a hat? –Question by Philip Treacy, London

Lady Gaga: It is a nice barrier. The bigger the better. The more interesting and outrageous the better. For me it keeps the devil away. I always like when I have a hat that’s big enough to keep people away at pretentious parties. It’s protection. It’s a sense of home away from home. But what I like about a Philip Treacy hat is that they’re like nobody else’s.

SHOWStudio: If you were able to travel through time where would you go—backwards or forwards and why? –Question by John Galliano, Paris

Lady Gaga: My first instinct is to say to go to the past, because I would love to experience and see all that has influenced and shaped my vocabulary. However, I will decline the past. I would say if I had to choose, I would go to the future. The reason is quite selfish: because McQueen used to say, you must never look back, you must always be going forwards. I would go to the future, selfishly, to feed my work and make me a better artist, to create more forward-thinking, innovative, magical and poetic work, like he did.

SHOWStudio: What is the process by which you and stylist Nicola Formichetti put together an outfit? –Question by Jordan, Louisiana

Lady Gaga: Nicola!! It’s really easy. He’s one of my best friends, and Nicola knows exactly who I am as a musician, an artist and a girl. And the whole Haus of Gaga works together—Matthew has been creating clothes for me for years We have a cigarette and whiskey and look through racks of clothing, and then go. It’s organic, there’s no pretense or preconception.

For complete Q&A and video transcript of the interview, go to


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