What The HELL? My TV Does NOT Reflect Me!


I guess this all started with me going back to see Sex and the City 2 on Memorial Day. The monumental disappointment was apparent in every single movie-goer in the theater but as a 20-something African-American female, I was livid.

Not only was their serious lack of diversity which SATC has been accused of before but I found myself unable to relate to the aging stars almost mid-life crisis like plot. I am no where near menopause, kids are not in the plan book right now and I’m still attempting to get my Entertainment News career off the ground. Which leads me to ask this; why are there no Movies or TV shows that reflect a single upper middle class African-American female?

Yes, BET is developing a new scripted show starring Lisa Raye but my satellite dish doesn’t even carry that channel.  And with uncultured, demeaning shows appealing to the lowest standards like Frankie and Neffe, it’s no wonder I haven’t watched that channel in over ten-years.

Not only was I offended by the SATC ribbing at Middle Eastern culture, religious offenses and general lack of cultural understanding which many 20-something women are more than aware of these days . The fashion styling no longer was cutting edge, the shoes seemed dated and dull and the facial close-ups could not longer hide the wrinkles and multiple botox injections.  Every female-driven Movie or TV show seems to follow this same basic mock-up now of the quote “single girl” dating in the big city from The Hills, The City, Downtown Girls and even Jersey Couture. Just one problem with all these shows: THERE ARE NO BLACK PEOPLE.

Real Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives and Tiny & Toya are sometimes fun to watch. But as far as the shows showing depth and characters growing beyond the façade of Christian Louboutins and Louis Vuitton bags… I’ve got nothing.

The glitz and glamour as I’m told is what sells and don’t get me wrong, I love that. But it’s also nice to see someone my age reflect and give me a little insight into the job world, current dating scene and just advice on men in general.  Yes, my generation is VAIN and it’s all about ME. But whatever happened to providing a roadmap like the original HBO series Sex and the City was for the 90’s.

I adored the original series and looked forward to nothing more on the weekend then catching up with my favorite girls. And although they were not of African-American descent, I still looked to them as relatable characters that understood the 90’s twisted male double-standards, and back-breaking climb up the career ladder. This CLEARLY no longer applies.

My disdain and disgust for lack of programming is overwhelmingly pointed towards Liz Gatley and Christy Spitzer, the main executives in charge of numerous reality shows and general production at MTV. And although MTV, VH1 and BET can not entirely be blamed for not attempting to incorporate several shows targeted to the African-American community.  I can very much blame them for the lack of diversity amongst those shows.

Not a single one of their shows elaborate or focus on the upper middle class African-American female. Instead the celebrity driven agenda focuses on the materialistic and shallow life that most of us only crave or just dream about. And then at the other end of the spectrum you have the BET ghetto-driven shows that make me want to cringe and simply scream when I hear that they’ve been renewed for a 2nd and 3rd season.


There is a serious gap and lack of programming for the educated, upper middle class African-American, 25-38 age demographic that MTV has not tapped into and I honestly believe their oblivious to this fact. So, do I have an immediate solution to this problem? HELL NO. Do I have a few ideas for Liz, HELL YES!

So Liz, call me. I’ve got a bone to pick with YOU!

 LaShonda Matlock is an Entertainment Reporter for “Hollywood 360” on WIND-560AM Chicago and Entertainment Blogger/Reporter for NBC Chicago “Street Team”.

3 Responses to “What The HELL? My TV Does NOT Reflect Me!”

  1. 1 tami

    Chile you aint never lied, Why didnt they have atleast one minority in the film besides the middle eastern people? Oh wait I guess that was it!

  2. 2 pthord

    omg. i couldn’t agree more.

  3. 3 Moeyea

    Yes, TV is a HoTT Mess! I find other things to do than be left out, misrepresented stereotyped, and pissed off for my evening entertainment.

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