New African-American Barbie Controversy


Oh, Barbie….. 

Not only are the plastic playmate’s ankles too big (so sayeth Christian Louboutin), but her boobs are too, the New York Daily News reports.

At least that’s what outraged parents are saying about Barbie’s “Back to Basics” collection, which features four distinctly different African-American dolls. But it’s the striking African-American doll #10 with the plunging neckline, black cocktail attire and revealing bowling-ball cleavage that would make one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses jealous that’s causing all the problems! 

The collection’s #11 model also goes the racy route, wearing a low-cut halter top.

“I don’t want [my daughter] to think she has to be this, you know, busty Barbie who’s constantly wearing heels and these low-cut shirts,” Minnesota mom Andie Whitaker told NBC’s WPTV.

“And that’s really the image I think a doll that you’re going to buy for a child is portraying.”

Another concerned parent reportedly told that she didn’t “want my baby growing up to think Heidi [Montag] is her role model” — a stance surely everyone can get behind.

While some of Mattel’s Barbie creations are clearly meant for adult collectors and priced accordingly, the Back to Basics Barbies retail for a kid-friendly $19.99 and are sold at national chains such as Target.

Target has said it will continue to carry the Back to Basics line. Mattel has so far refused comment.

Meanwhile, Ken, has never been happier!!!


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