M.I.A. Is Pissed Off! From Jay-Z To Lady Gaga


M.I.A. is everywhere right now from the June cover of Complex , The New York Times to Nylon Magazine.  And she is not holding back! From Madonna, Jay-Z selling out to gunshots and Lady Gaga. M.I.A. wants everyone to know that she is REAL MUSIC and a lot of musicians out there are nothing but CRAP!

On the topic hip-hop and particularly selling out in hip-hop, M.I.A. favors Nas to Jay-Z. Not that she doesn’t like the lush life like Jay — she did afterall just marry a billionaire’s son, Ben Bronfman.

“Jay became the biggest representation of rap music who’s still alive, started dating Beyoncé, everything was so much bigger and better with Jay-Z. I hope people don’t think that that wins. The fact that Nas didn’t become all this sort of stuff changes people’s perception about the music and the work he achieved in his lifetime. I don’t wanna say Jay-Z sold out, but I just feel like we have to wait another 10 years to see what happens.”

On her unique sound:
“I thought being different was a bad thing, but then I realized it was just different because it hadn’t been done before.”

On “Paper Planes”:
“Everyone was like, ‘You need to edit [the gunshots] out. They said, ‘You need something that’s going to get on the radio.’”

On GaGa:

“You can’t really say that Gaga is culturally a change,” M.I.A. said. Madonna was truly unique. Madonna is the one. She did amazing songs. She had an amazing sense of style, without a stylist. And she was flawed, and sometimes she admitted it. I’ll fight the fight for Madonna. I think she should send me some chocolates or something to thank me.”

On America:

“America also has no sense of humor. There’s this show in England about kids who want to be terrorists. It’s brilliant! The kids are buying Ajax to make bombs and trying to think of new ways to do suicide bombings. It’s really, really cool.” She paused again. “Because I think that’s funny, I’ll probably be called a terrorist.”

On M.I.A.’s style:

“What M.I.A. wants is nearly impossible to achieve: she wants to balance outrageous political statements with a luxe lifestyle; to be supersuccessful yet remain controversial; for style to merge with substance. If you want to be huge, you have to give up a lot”, Michelle Jubelirer, Maya’s longtime lawyer, told me. “Maya vacillates between wanting to be huge and maintaining her artistic integrity. That’s her dilemma.”

New York Times Article CLICK HERE

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