I’m Obsessed With: Versace Luxury Touchscreen Phone


Ok, so many of the luxury so-called designer phones have not lived up to the hype but true to its name Versace has raised the bar with this one! The luxury mobile device has a sapphire crystal screen that is said to be the largest single piece ever offered in a consumer device. Gold plating and high-tech ceramic or handmade lacquer construction options add to the luxury look. The iconic Versace Medusa is displayed both on the leather back and the front of the device. The phone is an LG device with a three-inch display and five megapixel camera. It offers Dolby Mobile surround sound technology for high quality in ringtones, MP3 music files and video with an amazing 30 hours of playtime. It will be sold through watch and fine jewelry networks and Versace flagship boutiques worldwide from early June 2010.


One Response to “I’m Obsessed With: Versace Luxury Touchscreen Phone”

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