Interview: Royce From VH1 Basketball Wives


LM: You were the person we heard about even before the show started. You were said to be out of control, a groupie and even a gold-digger. But as we see on the show, those rumors seem to be completely inaccurate. What do you think about this?

RLR: I think that’s a very fair way of putting it. The media has put me out there to be like a crazy person, and I think that happens a lot when you’re going up against a person that is very high profile. You tend to be the under dog. Since you don’t have a voice it’s easier for them to make you out to be the bad person because you can’t stick up for yourself. Now that I’m on the show its like; I finally get to show people who I really am. And if you still don’t particularly care for my ways or things that I do than at least your making your opinion based off what you see verses what you just hear.

LM: You’re a very petite, fit dancer. And in one episode of Basketball Wives, Jen gives you a make-over and states that you are lacking on the top part. It seems that there is a certain image associated with Basketball Wives and that they’re almost trying to make you fit that mold. Would you agree or disagree with this?

RLR: I’m think I’m the complete opposite of what I guess the image of a basketball wife or girlfriend is. And I’m always going to be that way, a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl. If I go out obviously, I’ll throw on a dress or some heels but the every day me; I’m just a regular person. I don’t wear make-up and I’m always in a pony-tail. I’m a tomboy! I’ve been dancing for twenty something years. I’ve also been a gymnast and a competitive cheerleader. I’ve even ran track and played flag football on the weekends. That’s just me and I think it’s something that their not used too. Verses them being the really high-maintenance and…I don’t want to say superficial but they tend to be in the couture clothes that you can only wear one-time and that is just not me.

I don’t spend money on all those expensive clothes but I do buy quality clothing. But as far as being all trendy and stylish, that is just not me. I don’t look at all the magazines or try to dress like anybody else. I put on what’s comfortable. I have a 2yr old, so as long as I can run after him, be comfortable is all that matters. If it matches, I’m good.

LM: Gloria: would you like to make a comment on her?

RLR: Gloria, I’ll just say “Bless Her Heart”. You’ll see it in the upcoming shows that some people you get along with and some people you just don’t. I attempted to reach out to her and try to be that friend when she didn’t have any. A lot of times, I always tell people be careful of the bridges you burn and the backs that you turn on, because I could’ve been that person that had your back and held you up when you needed someone. So that is my advice to her and that’s the only thing I’m going to say about her.

LM: The Youtube video. Do you think it was taken out of proportion?

RLR: I can’t say that it was taken out of proportion but it was made out to be more than it was. We went out there to have fun and the girls thought it would be a good idea for me to enter the contest. And I do think that I took it too far however I look at it as a situation where at least I have something to laugh at when I get older!

My parents and I are extremely close and even though they weren’t happy with the video we still talked about it. My parents have been married for 40yrs and it’s funny to hear them talk about stories and situations they were in when they were my age. And when we discuss certain things and it’s like we can laugh about it.  We have that close relationship. So I plan on having that with my child.  And I’m going to show him the video one day, and hopefully we can laugh at it and be like, dang mom you really had some fun.

LM: What made you do the show? Do you think the show changed you in any way?

RLR: Basically to have a voice for myself and to show people who I really am and not based on things that a certain individual has put of there about me. All these images are just a snapshot of who a person really is. What you see is what you get. You see me on a reality show every week and you see me make mistakes, you see me grow from those mistakes you see me learn.  I don’t think they made me to be more or less of who I am.

I always say with reality shows if you didn’t do it, they wouldn’t show it! So when certain people say things are scripted it’s not. Now, they might put you in situations that you might ordinarily not deal with however it’s up to you what you say and how you react to those situations. But that’s life…

LM: What is your definition of a groupie, due to there has been a lot of confusion about this on the show?

RLR: The woman that waits outside the locker rooms, the one who throw themselves at an athlete. A woman that doesn’t care whether the guy is in a relationship or not. I mean I see them but I don’t really know them. Just a women in general that is OUT THERE.

A woman always gets that stigma that she is a groupie or a gold-digger regardless if she has her own. And I can speak for myself and say that I have a college degree, I have my own company and I’ve always worked. That is how I was raised.  I’ve never been the type of person to depend of anybody else and I don’t want my child growing up thinking that I did that. 

So with me, I just can’t have that mindset of knowing that I’m living off of someone else or being in a situation where people think that way of me. So it’s almost like I have to prove myself at times. But I’m not that groupie or gold-digger; I’ve always worked and had my own. My parents have been married 40yrs so it’s something that’s not in my mindset at all.

LM: What can we expect on the next few episodes?

RLR: You can expect me to start opening myself up more. I tend to just sit back and watch things at times and take it all in. Like I’ll have a check mark in my head and if someone tries me I’ll be like okay then. As you noticed I really don’t say much but once you cross me too many times and start talking trash about me behind my back that’s when I have to say something. You’ll also see some encounters and some arguments with other individuals. It’s definitely going to get juicy!

LM: After all the rumors and the drama, would you sign on for a season 2?

RLR: I think I actually would. I’m always going to stay true to myself and I’m not afraid of anything!

5 Responses to “Interview: Royce From VH1 Basketball Wives”

  1. This was a great interview! I enjoyed being able to see Royce for who she is. I was pleasantly surprised! I wish you nothing but blessings and good fortune!

  2. royce you are a pretty young girl i say enjoy your life so do not be a tramp. this is motherly advice because i am 60 years old so i feel i can say this.some woman well talk bad about you cause the are your self and take care.i am from detroit michigan but i now livein albany georgia and these woman are something special much different from woman in i just be by myself cause i can not stand drama.god bless little girl take care.

  3. 3 Drama Free

    I call you my daughter Royce….
    You have more! sence then allll those crazies put together!…God Bless you as we live we grow….check out “Woman thou atr Loosed”! book by Bishop T.D. Jakes…it’s soooo Powerful! and Inspirational!….we love you girl…and I’m glad you did this interview so we could get to know you better…and the more we get to know the more we love! you…you go girl!…smile….take care.

    A Sista from Brooklyn New York

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