Interview: Suzie Ketcham from VH1 Basketball Wives


LM: Ok, let’s talk about the show. What do you think about the fan reaction so far?

SK: Surprisingly, the fans are die hard. The fans LOVE the show! They show us so much support on twitter and facebook. You know before the show even aired, I was really having anxiety problems but I think all of us were including: Evelyn, Jennifer and Royce.  We were putting our lives out there. But really seeing the reactions from the fans and the constant support that they give us through these social outlets make it so much easier.

LM: A lot of drama so far including you throwing a glass of water? Please explain.

SK: You know what, that girl, the one that confronted us was actually at the Chad Ochocinco Super Bowl party. And I’m not sure if they aired the details of what was exactly going on but that girl was talking to Jen’s husband, Shaunie’s husband and just a whole bunch of guys!

So ironically she was at that party serving Nuvo and Evelyn spotted her first. Jen confronted her and it’s really strange how it played out on the show. I mean it’s pretty much all real-life stuff. But the day before we were all talking at Evelyn’s shoe store Dulce.

They didn’t film this or include this in the show but Jen had brought up that she had checked the history on her husbands’ computer and saw that he was checking out this girl named Sandra. And so Evelyn pulls it up on the computer, pulls up her twitter account and we see her face and like ewww! (she looks kind of crazy) Jen was a little distraught by it, and then the following night we see Sandra at the party. So there!

They showed such a small portion of what happened. If you could’ve heard the rest of the things that she said. For me, it really pissed me off. Because I’ve been in that situation with the infidelity and I just think she was completely out of bounds. I’m very defensive about my friends.

So that’s what happened…she got wet.

LM: There’s a woman called Plastic Surgery on the show, is this just the new code name for groupies now?

SK: The nickname Plastic Surgery just pertained to her. I don’t know if you could tell on the show but she has had a LOT of surgery done on her face. There are rumors that people have known her for a long-time and said she’s even got butt implants and that her face is all different. I don’t know her exact age but she probably now looks a lot older than she really is by having all that surgery done. So I forgot who coined that name but Plastic Surgery stuck and the fans love it

LM: We’ve always heard rumors about: the infidelity, the groupies and the drama that goes on behind the scenes. Do you think that the NBA and the players are upset that you ladies are shedding light on the reality of what goes on behind closed doors?

SK: Not just the players but the whole entire NBA HATES this show. People always say why is this show called Basketball Wives when most of you aren’t even wives. But I’m going to tell you the truth, if all of us were wives the “men” would not let us do the show. Jen is married and her husband’s not happy about the show. Shaunie, of course is getting a divorce and Matt Barnes is livid about the whole thing! I really don’t know why he even signed on if he was going to be pissed about it. But yeah, it’s bad. 
The NBA hates it. I heard that the Miami Heat has put restrictions on the players and their wives: they are not allowed to do it. The wives are not allowed to be apart of the show at ALL. And I personally think that the entire NBA may put restrictions on any wife, girlfriend or player from being apart of the show. You know obviously, if the players are not allowed to do it, then they are NOT going to allow their women to do it

LM: Let’s get a little more into you, what on earth made you do this show?!!

SK: Honestly, I’m still asking myself that question. I mean, I was worried about it, I asked a lot of family members if I should do the show and a lot of them were just split down the middle. They said it’s not worth your reputation and integrity being harmed. But from talking with Evelyn and Shaunie, and voicing my concerns I then decided to do the show. I started the show in the 3rd week of production. Originally, I wasn’t supposed to be apart of the show but Evelyn called me and said we want to pick up another girl on the show, as asked would I like to do it.

Obviously there are a lot of misconceptions about the show. But Shaunie wanted the show to be the female version of HBO’s Ontourage. Like a group of girls as a group of friends. So she said she wanted to do something positive. So I did it.

LM: I know there’s another VH1 show in production called “Football Wives”. What do you think about that?

SK: You know what; I think it’s going to be interesting because I really don’t know the lives of football players and their wives. In my opinion I think the lives of a NBA wife is much more noticeable, their definitely out there more. You see these guys; you see what they look like. In football their wearing helmets, so you don’t know what these guys look like. But I think there are more groupies for the NBA and probably the guys in the NBA make more money.

So it will be different to see if football wives are a little tamer than we are.  A big problem with being with a guy obviously in the NBA is that you have tons of women that go after your man. Before, I use to blame the guys and think it’s just the guys running around, but it’s the WOMEN chasing these guys down! And they know what they look like because what …there are 12 of them on a team?! In football there is like 50 of them on a team wearing helmets. So you really don’t know who they are or what they really look like.

I think it will be interesting to see how that show turns out. But who knows, I’m excited about it!

LM: As you become more of a fixture on the celebrity radar, people start wanting to bring up the past and create rumors like with Royce and Evelyn. Does this worry you?

SK: As far as I know I’m not hiding very much, so I don’t know if anyone else knows anything about me. But in terms of me I’m not really worried because I don’t have that much to hide. I’ve kind of stayed in my lane my whole life. If there were any pictures out there, I’ve never shown any that are fully nude or with my face lol.  So I don’t have to worry about that unless it’s photoshopped. But I stay away from the blog sites. I have some celebrity friends who are like don’t read the blogs, try not to google your name because all that stuff is going to kill you!  So many people find it easier to hate you than to love you and accept you.  And for some people who are really insecure it makes them feel better to bash you or pick on certain flaws that you have. So, rumors are going to be rumors. I think as long as we have so many supporters, so many fans, the rumors probably don’t affect me as much. But I have more important things in my life going on.

LM: Knowing what you do now, do you want a second trip down the aisle?

SK: I definitely want to get married, I still feel like I’m really young. Actually most of my entire 20’s were in a relationship. At home, taking care of my kids and not being out there. But there not home all the time now so I think I do want that relationship where your with that person, he’s your best friend, your soul-mate and you grow old together. So I definitely do.

LM: Would you consider marrying another athlete?

SK: A lot of people ask that! Umm… I feel like you never know who you’re going to meet. You never know who you’re going to fall in love with. I feel like you can’t control who you fall in love with sometimes. Sometimes people just click. I find that when I meet a person and we have a lot of chemistry it’s just natural. So who knows if it’s going be a plumber or an athlete. I don’t know.

LM: Most people think all you ladies do is PARTY. Why do you think that is?

SK: The show, it shows such a small fraction of our real lives. They don’t really show me driving around with my kids, helping them do their homework.  Sitting at the computer for hours searching for properties for real estate and going to the office and dealing with my boss. So the show is going to want to show the glitz, the glamour and the fun because that’s what sells. And I think that it’s great for any woman to have something to focus on outside of a man. Real estate, a shoe store or a dance company…whatever.

LM: What is your advice for ladies who want to date an athlete? And why do you think that so many women in general seem to think that it’s such an easy, glamorous and rather perfect life???

SK: You know, I think some women think it’s so glamorous because their just seeing the superficial things. They really feel that material things really bring happiness.  When in actuality they do bring happiness but it’s a very short-lived happiness.  And once that dies down, once you get used to that Mercedes-Benz and your man is still out there cheating on you, leaving you home alone and crying. Once you get use to your “Louis-Vuitton” bag … becomes nothing

You start then realizing how unhappy it is when you don’t have a person by your side all the time. And don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that there are some relationships where people are really happy with each other and the guy is an athlete. But for the most part I think it’s a very difficult life.  And I would tell any person getting involved just BE AWARE.  Don’t lose your sense of self and stay focused on you and do something for yourself. Whether it’s a business, a hobby or anything, do something for you. It’s so easy to get lost and wrapped up in these athletes’ life which is exactly what happened to me. 

I meet my ex-husband when I was 19 years old, and here he is all of a sudden making tons of money. I felt like I got my home, I got my cars and he’s mine so everything is mine! I lost myself in all that. And he was happy with that, he was happy that I lived my life for him and I lived my life for the kids.

But at the end of the day when I didn’t want to deal with all the problems anymore it’s like what have I accomplished?  Besides being a great mother and raising my children, for myself I think that women need to always remember themselves.  And don’t put a man..I mean, I hate saying this because I know some women are all about their man. And I’m not saying don’t be about your man but don’t lose yourself in the shadow of your man.

LM: Season 2?

SK: Maybe, I really hope we do.

3 Responses to “Interview: Suzie Ketcham from VH1 Basketball Wives”

  1. 1 Angela

    Good read, I love Suzie! She seems fun.

  2. 2 LALA

    Suzie is a big mouth snitch. I can not stand her

    • 3 SSR

      LALA, They all have big mouths. Susie is the coolest one on the show. What happen in Vegas that pissed that B—- off was she doing ever man she saw. Evelyn is nothing but a hood rat anyway.

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