Giorgio Armani Designs Alicia Keys Concert Costumes!


There’s another musician rocking custom-made Giorgio Armani outfits besides the infamous Lady GaGa and it’s none other than Alicia Keys! The soulful songstress, who was dressed in head-to-toe Armani for her 2008 As I Am tour, will be rocking four dazzling, one-of-a-kind costumes from the Italian designer for her current tour, The Element of Freedom.

Why is it these costumes never look as good in real life as they do on paper……….boo!


4 Responses to “Giorgio Armani Designs Alicia Keys Concert Costumes!”

  1. Alicia Keys is a very clever and very talented strong black woman that is a good role model to every woman including myself. She also stay true to herself and didn’t have to show extra skin to get were she at, but just letting us see who Alicia Keys is

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  1. 1 CONFIRMED! Alicia Keys Engaged To Swizz Beatz : Today Topics
  2. 2 Armani designs tour costumes for Alicia Keys ::

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