Sandra Bullock Is Taking A Break


Sandra Bullock is planning to take a career break to concentrate on raising her adopted son Louis and dealing with her split from husband Jesse James. The actress had already planned some time off after the Academy Awards to look after the baby but, following the break-down of her marriage to TV mechanic Jesse James, Sandra has now revealed that she won’t be accepting any movie roles in the near future. “All I know is that I want to be able to enjoy being a mom. Doing all the things moms get to do, outside in the sun, in the world,” the Blind Side star revealed yesterday. “The career will have to wait for a bit. I don’t want to step into that world until I can find out what room I left my armour in. You need tough skin to be in this business. I don’t have tough skin right now and I don’t want it.”


One Response to “Sandra Bullock Is Taking A Break”

  1. 1 Theory

    Well, after that bank roll she made last year – she is straight. Not to mention the fact that one of her movies is constantly on cable. Kudos to her.

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