Tameka Foster-Raymond Talks Charity, Blogs And Usher


 tamekaPhoto Credit: Robert Ector

The marriage between R&B singer Usher and Tameka Foster Raymond maybe coming to an end, but Tameka’s personal life has continued to stay a HOT topic on internet blogs and websites.

I briefly spoke with Tameka on Friday (July 24th) about her Atlanta based non-profit organization The Lost Ones and her involvement with Oakland Natives Gives Back  (ONGB). Tameka also took a moment to clear the air on some other topics as well.


Q: Please tell me about your non-profit organizations.

A:  My personal non-profit is called ‘The Lost Ones’. It’s geared toward young women between the ages of 12-18 years old that are at risk of low scholastic achievement, pregnancy, drug use, delinquency, truancy, violence and other unproductive behaviors. It works in partnership with my other charity Oakland Natives Gives Back (ONGB).


Q: Explain what ONGB is about?

A: It’s an organization that was founded by me, Delicia Abdur-Rahim and Nyeisha Dewitt. Our goal is for people to give back to their native communities wherever their from. We supply children in under served communities with backpacks, school supplies and fun events. This is our 2nd year doing this and we have a rally on Aug. 23rd, at City Hall in Oakland Ca.


Q: Impressive, tell me more about the rally at City Hall.

A: The rally is an all day event for the kids where we’ll have day programs, motivational speeches, celebrity guests and at the end a backpack giveaway filled with school supplies and snacks. Last year we gave away around 800 backpacks and this year we’ll be handing out about 2,000.


Q: You seem to do a lot of work with underprivileged kids in Atlanta and Oakland, why is this such an important mission for you?

A: The idea of giving back to others excites me, I have been utterly blessed in every aspect, no matter where you are in life, you should never forget from where you came. It’s the least I could to give thanks for my many blessings.


Q: Sorry to change the topic, but there is a strong rumor that you threatened violence against a specific Atlanta based blogger due to she was stating multiple unconfirmed details regarding your divorce. Would you like to address this?

A: The rumor is actually quite boring, juvenile, yet hilarious. Ironically, I never knew of her or her blog until an associate alerted me about her and her erroneous remarks. I think the case with SO many bloggers is that there are good ones and there are those that are negative. When did they become a credible source on my life?  I believe some of their blogs are actually erected to fulfill a certain void or insecurity within the writer. Deplorably, most don’t bother to “fact” check, they just sensationalize, repeat rumors or make them up in hopes of more hits and the possibilities from potential advertisers, I’ve learned. Those with malicious agendas don’t want the truth anyway. However, for the record- Be clear, I don’t do very much anonymously nor do I make threats, I’m a grown woman and there’s no need for me to make silly threats. Especially to the likes of disgruntled “Mean Girl” types hiding behind keyboards. Goodness, where do they find the time? In other words I did NOT threaten this Atlanta based blogger.


Q: Being in the spotlight is never easy. And the paparazzi have definitely gone after you regarding your high profile relationship. In one incident, I recall an unflattering picture from a photo shoot that circulated the blogs for quite some time. This one picture lead many people to believe that you developed a complex about your personal appearance and sought cosmetic surgery in Brazil because of that.  Is this true?

A: Yes, there is an unauthorized altered photo that was taken with the intent of being a head shot (ie; to be cropped at the chest), it was not styled at all and shot at the end of a shoot. Unfortunately, it got into the wrong hands and a little Photoshop work is done and ‘voila’ you have a bad and funny shot of someone’s wife. A real knee-slapper. As far as my experience in Brazil, I NEVER had any cosmetic surgery done at all. I was to undergo a standard 30-40 min procedure and I had an adverse reaction to the anesthesia, nothing was ever started or happened. Never was there a planned ‘tummy tuck’ as reported. I have had nothing done aside from being birthed from parents blessed with awesome health and good genetics. I love me/ my body yet for a brief moment I got a little caught up in the Worldly perception of beauty and made an impromptu, unwise decision that I learned a valuable lesson from, I was only two months post delivery. I thank God for all that he has blessed me with. There are no complexes, no shortcuts and to stay focused is the answer.


Q: So, you never went into cardiac arrest as stated by the media outlets?

A: Yes I did, but it was due to an adverse reaction to the anesthesia.


Q: There are also reports that Usher requested a DNA test to see if he is the biological father of your 7-month old son Naviyd. Is this true?

A: It’s insane. I think the pseudo-DNA Request first ran in the National Enquirer, somewhere between them purporting lewd things about Michelle Obama and underneath the headline that we had captured Osama Bin Laden lol.  Many bloggers like the afore mentioned Atlanta woman continue to circulate these fraudulent news pieces, so it’s like I don’t even need to discredit them because they discredit themselves.  My husband even found it appalling. He was present for the births of both children and would never deny them. We both find it rude and absurd.


Q: Do you still love your husband?

A: There is a quote I have always loved from author Franklin P. Jones!  “Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”


Q: With stories and rumors emerging every other day, how are you coping being under the public eye?

A: The media, as well as public scrutiny can be a beast but I have learned it is best to ignore it and I have ignored it for over two years now. Some of the love, hate, pure ignorance, attention and multiple keystrokes that are devoted to me is actually flattering as opposed to hurtful. To garner such a devotion of energy be it positive or even the not so positive tells me I’m obviously well received and rarely go unnoticed. Its all love no matter how you slice it.


Needless to say I’m grateful for Tameka taking time out of her busy schedule and talking with me about The Lost Ones &  Oakland Natives Gives Back.

For more information on how you can be apart and contribute to Lost Ones and Oakland Natives Gives Back go to http://www.oaklandnatives.com

 (Please Note:  I am NOT affiliated with any bloggers and do not give consent for my name or article to be distorted, or utilized to defame my creditability as a journalist or to harm the person I interview. Any person found guilty of doing so will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.)

LaShonda Matlock is a freelance Entertainment Reporter and can currently be heard on Chicago Radio show Hollywood 360 on WIND 560AM, and a contributing Entertainment Reporter for NBC Chicago Street Team.  For more gossip and news:  http://twitter.com/GossipChicago

49 Responses to “Tameka Foster-Raymond Talks Charity, Blogs And Usher”

  1. 1 Jennifer Stahl

    that’s actually a gorgeous photo of Mrs. Foster Raymond. Glad to see she’s moving on from Usher and doing positive things in the community. Much Respect

  2. 2 dion rubin

    Why did she wait so long to speak? Reading this makes me feel a sorry for her. At least she doesn’t look beat down like Kim Porter. She really looks pretty. His loss.

  3. 3 Teracia DeFlorimonte

    Great Interview, Tameka ….I would love to learn more about your new organization…Would love to help out…..

  4. 4 Sen

    That is a great picture. She looks amazing!!!

  5. 5 Audacious

    This is the best Tameka has ever looked! Wonderful photo!

  6. 6 Jaymee S.

    Nice interview. Beautiful picture of Tameka!

  7. Wow, she looks great! Very good questions. Sometimes it takes a great photographer and styling team to bring out the best in us 🙂

  8. 8 Starr

    AMAZING PHOTO!!! Glad she is able to tell her side of the story. Hope her and Usher are able to work through the divorce civilly and privately.

  9. 9 CeeCee

    I have never seen her look so beautiful. Great photo!!!

  10. 10 Reenee

    Tameka looks so young and refreshing in this pic!! Usher is somewhere drooling!!

  11. 11 Lefemmenikki

    lovely picture!

  12. 12 Diamond_girl

    That is a BEAUTIFUL photo of Mrs. Raymond!

  13. 13 Siyclone Fan

    Wow that picture is awesome!! Kudo’s to Robert Ector for excellent photography.

  14. 14 Amanda

    Very pretty picture…I wish her the best.

  15. 15 SexyJ

    Wow!!! She looks really pretty… Great photo!!!

  16. 16 Calired_2thebone

    Photo is hot!

  17. 17 Kiki

    What a nice pic of Tameka, all the best to her, although I feel she is not being truthful about the ‘procedure’ in Brazil.

  18. 18 Redplayboy

    WOW even though she is ugly on the inside she looks great here!

  19. 19 kiki

    I Most Definitely agree … she looks lovely!!!!

  20. I’ve always liked Tameka (as much as I can like someone I don’t actually know, lol) and this interview just reinforced that. This is a beautiful picture! I knew she was pretty, but this is stunning! I applaud her for her work in the community and wish her and her family all the best.

  21. 21 Ms Jia

    Tameka Raymond is a beautiful girl, the media, the “User” fans, and his mammy, never gave her a chance, neither did I. People are so quick to judge and give commentary on another persons life without thinking of their own issues, mistakes, and fumbles. We all have done Fu**ed up things and Tameka is a human and allowed to make mistakes too. I like her and her husband is a dick for leaving her with two small babies and after her Brazil mishap he is prolly why she went to get the surgery to begin with. Men and especially conceited superstars are dogs. I going in for “Team Tameka” all the way. I was mean without cause before but I’m Team T all the way!

  22. 22 Paulita

    That is a gorgeous picture of Ms. Raymond! Kudos to the photographer!

  23. 23 DuralisnotaDiva

    To DuralDiva: Usher dumped Chili eons ago, get with the program. Her stomach may look like a dudes but his heart was with Tameka. Grow up

  24. 24 goots

    ok, where is the juicy bit..i wanted to hear her address the divorce getting bitter and the sex bit…

    also why she still refer to him as husband.. wouldnt soon to be exhusband be more appropriate??? just asking

    what procedure was she going for that she failed to spell out.. i like her and am not being critical but feel i needed more!!

  25. 25 You go Girl!

    Temeka looks fabulous! I have MAD respect for her> She has taken a lot of critism form People and still she stands strong! You go Girl!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. 26 Anna

    Great interview. I have always been Team Tameka. She is gorgeous. Yep this is Usher’s loss. What he did was listen to the haters and gave in and filed for divorce. I think Usher is selling out to get his career on track. I wish they could try to work it out. Best wishes to her.

  27. This is great that Tameka has cleared the air on the rumor patrol. Negative press does sell even on the Internet because there are a lot of very unhappy people out there. I’ve always thought of the lady as a beautiful woman and grown women move on from this nonsense. These snarky type individuals are so busy watching the lives of celebrities, while they’re actually living it up. They really need to get a life. It’s true that with some blogs you have to be very careful when you read them because they have become advertisement land mines, advertisement links are everywhere.

  28. 28 Che Che

    Listen, beauty and confidence comes from within. It is Mizz Tamkea upbringing that continues to make her a lady. She should as always care less of what the world may think of her. Her concern is only what GOD thinks of her. I must say that I was once guilty of following the media and repeating what others said and once I did cast my judgement of her toward the negative side. Understand that the WORD does state…Ye without sin cast the first stone. (Remember those people were throwing stones at the lady at the well because she was accused of sleeping with other women husbands) Who are we to judge? We have neither the key to Heaven or Hell to unlock the door and cast her soul in there! I wish Mrs. Raymond nothing but the best in her upcoming future! God has a plan..we may never fully understand why his plans leads us in a different direction than what we intended..but understand this..It is NOT up to us to understand. God words never return VOID. If he leads you to it…He will take you through it! We as people need to STOP feeding on negative issues and make a change and start praying for those that are going through things that affect them mentally and physically. We need to stop right in the middle of a negative BLOG, TWIT, etc..and START a chain reaction of GOD Driven Powerful PRAYING for that person that is going thru.!

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